Why IB Granite Benchtops?

Bathroom Granite BenchtopThe kitchen is a very important part of the family’s home in Melbourne. Nowadays it is not just a room where cooking and food preparation happens, but it has also become one of the entertaining area for guests. It is good that homeowners will consider buying a benchtops that is durable and is easy to clean up. Benchtops comes from a variety of styles and sizes. But it is a general rule that a benchtops along the wall should be about 600-650 mm in depth. You can also choose a variety of benchtops edges to give your benchtop a personal touch or added flair. But the elegance of a stone benchtop is beyond compare. These stones can easily match the look and the kitchen’s character. It is affordable for a lifetime convenience at your home.

The Marble, Onyxes and Serpentines are prizes for their aesthetic appeal. They are accentuated by easily noticeable veining trends and bold colors. Marble is calcium carbonate-based. It is a metamorphic stone that is formed by the re-crystallization of the limestone under intense pressure and heat.

Kitchen BenchtopsThere are actually two kinds of marble, the calcite and the dolomite. The combination of these two substances in minor amounts during the rock formation causes the veining, it is the cloudy and mottled shading found in marbles. This effect can vary from a very fine uniform grains to a larger random crystals of calcite. The color can vary from a brilliant white through to black, and can include shades of blue-grey, green, and yellow depending on the chemical composition. It is susceptible to abrasions. Abrasion that is commonly made from sharp kitchen utensil can be prevented by using cutting boards and protective similar measures. It is also best to avoid a cleaner that contains abrasives.

Granite is the most popular choice of stone benchtops today. It is a light colored rock that is commonly found in mountainous places. There are lots of granite like stones that can be found in the market, like diabase, gabbro and gneiss which works and have similar quality like the granite. Granites have a high level of resistance to scratching and abrasions. It also is less susceptible to permanent compared to other stones because it has a low absorption rate.

A limestone is a sedimentary rock which has a large composition of minerals calcite and aragonite. This type of stone can be polished, sand blasted, or can be brush hammered. It also comes in different natural hues like grey, cream and white. Limestone is susceptible to abrasion attack, especially those with a polished finish. It is best to use a cutting board when handling sharp utensils that can damage the stone. It is also advised to prevent using cleaners that contains abrasives. Limestone has an excellent absorption rate. To take care of your limestone benchtops, it is best to apply a sealer to retard the rate of water absorption. Not only does this stones look impressive, but will definitely help save time for cleaning.

Kitchen Granite Benchtops

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