How Do You Maintain The Handsome Look Of A Caesarstone Countertop?

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Caesarstone is a stone countertop material that has become very popular over the recent past. It is usually thought of as an alternative to granite, and there are many people who prefer one or the other for various reasons. However, the difference between them is that caesarstone is a semi-synthetic material, while granite is a fully natural product that is only cut to fit certain specifications.

In addition to that, the fact that caesarstone is modified artificially means that it has a greater range of colours and designs on offer, while granite can only be gotten in a limited range of colours that are found in natural granite. Other than that, the performance of both caesarstone and granite are more or less the same in other aspects such as the longevity and the ease of caring for the stone.

It is for this reason that many people usually find it difficult to figure out which one to get for their bench tops. To help you make the decision, it might be wise to have some detailed information regarding how caesarstone needs to be taken care of. This will then give you an idea of what to expect, and will also help you figure out whether it’s the best bench top material for you or not. To keep caesarstone looking clean and shiny, you would need to do the following:

Removal of dried spills and stubborn stains

As is the case with many other stone products, it’s possible for caesarstone to be stained either by products that have a lot of colour in them, or when you leave a spill to settle in the stone. Cleaning such stains from caesarstone usually requires the use of warm water and a mild soap. It is usually a very simple process, and even the most stubborn of stains can often be removed in a matter of minutes.

If you are interested, you can also get some of the commercial cleaning agents that are available in the market. They are usually not that much more effective than using plain old soap and water, but some of them are slightly better. The fact that they are designed to be used specifically on caesarstone also makes them a safer option compared to many other types of rock.

When you are removing stains from caesarstone, it’s important to avoid using products that are very basic or acidic. These have the potential to damage the surface of the countertop, and may even result in the formation of more stains.

Prevent heat damage

A large number of people prefer using caesarstone for their kitchen countertops because it’s very hard and can resist exposure to high temperatures for a short time. However, you should realize that exposing the material to a lot of heat for a prolonged period of time could lead to damage to the surface of the stone. The commonest manifestation of this is the formation of hairline cracks on the surface. This can be prevented by simply making sure that you place protective pads near areas where this is likely to happen, such as the countertop adjacent to the cooker.

Proper installation procedures

The installation of the caesarstone countertops needs to be done correctly to avoid damage to the surface of the rock. One of the most important measures would be to place a PVC film on the surface onto which the stone will be placed. This acts to prevent movement of water from the lower parts of the structure on which the countertop will be placed. This in turn ensures that the stone does not become stained and cracked from below. When this happens, it usually ruins the look of the stone, and repairing it often means having to remove all the stone and install a new slab. This can be expensive and frustrating. To ensure that this and other installation measures are done correctly, you would need to work with a contractor who is very good at what they do.

Polishing and sealing

As with other types of stone countertops, you might need to polish and seal the caesarstone bench tops on a regular basis. How frequently this is done depends on the environment in which the bench top is used, but most people prefer to get it done every six months or so. The goal of using such products is to create a protective film on the surface of the caesarstone. This reduces the seepage of any moisture from the surface downwards, and also helps to maintain the lustre of the countertop.

If you are thinking of getting a caesarstone countertop for your kitchen, the above are just some of the things you will need to do to keep it looking as good as new. It might look like a lob, but most people usually have no trouble doing it. All in all, it is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops!

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