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At Our skilled craftsmen will be pleased to assist you with every step of your natural stone project. In particular, and perhaps most importantly, we will be pleased to advise you on the most appropriate use for each type of natural stone.

Which type of natural stone is best used where?

You may not be aware that different types of natural stone are best suited for different purposes.

Marble and Travertine, for example, are ideal for use as beautiful wall claddings, floors and tiles, or as bathroom vanity tops but are less suitable for kitchen countertops because if not looked after properly they can easily stain and erode in the presence of acids such as lemon, juice, vinegar, red wine and others.

Granite is one of the hardest of natural stones which is why it is so excellent for use in kitchens and other areas where you will putting down hot pans, chopping, cutting, and doing other potentially damaging activities.

Reconstituted stone is almost as beautiful as the natural version and has the additional benefit of being easier to look after. At the same time, it is not quite so durable… Which of these qualities is most important to you?

Our skilled designers and experienced stone masons will discuss your project with you in great detail so that you can be sure of selecting the most appropriate type of natural or reconstituted stone product for the purposes you need.

We take pride in the fact that we never install our granite, marble, travertine and other stone surfaces except in areas where we know they are suitable.

We will work together with you for the duration of your project taking measurements, creating accurate templates, cutting the slab and finally installing the stone you selected to create a beautifully finished kitchen, bathroom or other stone surface.

Or, if you prefer, we can cut your slab to the measurements you send us and you can have your own contractor or builder install it for you.

Stone Benchtops Melbourne


We offer mitre joints as our standard profile at no extra coast (unlike most other places which charge extra for this service). We also offer a wide range of other joint profiles for a small additional fee.


Our stone masons will be more than happy to make a visit to your location to take measurements and create an accurate template to serve as a cutting and installation guide.

We will discuss with you the best time to come to your premises so as to minimize disruption to your schedule and busy life. The most appropriate and practical moment for this is usually after all the base units have been installed and your kitchen is starting to take its final shape.

At this stage of construction we will also be able to advise you on different aspects of each natural stone layout and whether additional under the counter or other support is required, and where/


Existing bench tops & vanity tops

If you have a kitchen and/or bathroom that is too old or you are not happy with, you don’t have to change the whole lot. At IB Granite we can manufacture and install new natural or reconstituted stone slabs on top of your existing bench tops with no extra cost at all.

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Once we have used the template to cut your natural stone counter or other product at our Hallam, Victoria factory, then comes the moment of proof when one of our expert craftsmen will come to install it in your location. All our skilled stone masons are very experienced and know how to work cleanly and with the least possible disruption to you. We are confident that you will be delighted with the perfect fit and precise and accurate finish of your installed natural stone.


Supply Only

For the skilled natural stone installers skilled natural stone installers IB Granite is delighted to offer our “supply only” service in which we cut your natural stone product according to the measurements and templates you provide.

For this, it is very important that you provide us with accurate and exact measurements and templates in order to be sure that you will be delighted with the perfect fit of the finished product.

We would like to politely emphasize that with our “supply only” service, verifying the measurements and templates is the responsibility of the person supplying the information to us.

If you have any questions about any of our services, or any queries about different ways in which to incorporate beautiful, natural marble, granite, limestone quartz, Travertine and reconstituted stone products into your home or work place, please feel free to contact one of our IB Granite Customer Service personnel by calling 0412 222 756 or 03 970 233 13 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You’ll find lots of ideas by browsing the photos displayed here on our website.

It will be our pleasure to work with you on your natural stone project.

Kitchen Granite Benchtops

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IB Granite supplies a wide range of Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Reconstituted stone products for kitchens benchtops and bathrooms tops in Melbourne.