6 Quick Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Granite Benchtops

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If you want a benchtop for your kitchen, then it is practical to get one made from granite. There are numerous advantages that granite has to offer compared to other bench top materials. It is strong, durable, and it can withstand high levels of heat. Also, it has a long lasting beauty that really boosts the look of the kitchen. And maintaining the cleanliness of your granite benchtop is not really that hard. Here are some cleaning tips for you to check out.

• Removing dust – Dust easily settles on everything in your home, and your benchtop won't be spared too. You need your benchtop cleaned from dust before you prepare food on it. You can always clean your benchtop with a microfiber cloth. You

can dampen it with water for thick layers of dust. It would be nice if you can use a white cloth so you can check if there is still dust on your benchtop.

• Preventing staining – Granite benchtop does not stain easily. But if you let spills such as spaghetti sauce, coffee, or red wine on your benchtop, then do not be surprised if you see stains in the future. Never let spills and sticky residue sit. Always have a handy towel on your benchtop for quick and easy cleaning.

• Avoiding harmful chemicals – It is not advisable to use common kitchen cleaning materials whenever dealing with tough stains on your granite benchtop. This holds true most especially for those chemicals that are highly acidic. Instead, you can always use a mixture of water, detergent, and rubbing alcohol.

• Drying and buffing – Most people, after getting rid of the tough stains on their granite benchtops, forget that these also have to be dried and buffed up. A dry microfiber cloth would work great in drying a granite benchtop. If you get your microfiber cloth wet and soggy, you would have to use another dry one if you want your benchtop buffed up and polished.

• Preventing scratches – Granites are not easily scratched. It is even more scratch-proof than its other counterpart, which is marble. However, very sharp tools such as kitchen knives, screw drivers, and bone saws can easily scratch them. Whenever you have to use these things near or on your granite benchtop, you have to use it with caution.

• Sealing your benchtop – Regular cleaning is necessary, but if you really want your granite benchtop to maintain its beautiful look for a longer time, you need to have it sealed in a seasonal rate. This is usually done once in a year. You have to watch out for very indications that your granite needs re-sealing. These include cracks, shifts, stains, and scratches.

Granite bench tops are very easy to clean. Should you wish to get a granite benchtop for your kitchen, you can always consider IB Granite. We are an experienced provider of high quality granite benchtops and we also offer installation services. We offer nothing but quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us now and know how we can help beautify your kitchen with our countertops.

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