Modern Vanity Stone Tops In Melbourne

Bathroom vanity tops are huge space savers. Countertops not only make your bathroom look luxurious but also adds immense value. Congested washrooms are a common problem most people face today. We at IB Granite provide an exquisite range of vanity stone benchtops by production and installation of perfect spaces to store valuables and accessories in your bathroom. We have a range of endless effective designs of flat-panelled cabinetry and many other kinds of modern vanity designs for your bathroom. We have been serving the customers in Melbourne for over many years now with our expert stonemasonry work that adds style and value at the same time to your bathroom space.

We at IB Granite provide highly-acclaimed high-quality designs in uniquely designed and furnished bathroom vanity benchtops. Our bathroom vanity sink cabinets and tops are available at the most competitive prices in and around the suburb of Melbourne. We are a call away at your doorstep to install after detailed checking in your bathroom space the best design with respect to adding value and style together. All our bathroom vanity units possess astonishing features and are designed with quality and utility in mind of our expert stonemasonry specialists.

high-quality bathroom vanity stone

Why Choose Us For Stylish Bathroom Vanity Units In Melbourne?

IB Granite has evolved as the most sought-after company aiming at providing exquisite collection and varieties of stone vanity tops for your bathroom. Years of experience in the field of designing kitchen and bathroom spaces with customised benchtops and vanity designs have made us the most sought-after company in providing high-quality countertops throughout the Melbourne suburb, as well as in the skirting suburbs.

We make sure each and every unit of ours is bespoke and sophisticated in design and amenity. We also pride ourselves in becoming the most popular kitchen and bathroom vanity benchtop units with an outstanding customer service guaranteed at all our client kitchen and bathroom spaces across Melbourne.

We have exclusive vanity stone benchtop designs and units in a wide array of sizes, makes, and models. We at IB Granite provide you with high-quality benchtops that can withstand the harshest of bathroom environments, and we assure you that these units are strong and durable. For the best high-quality bathroom vanity stone benchtops in Melbourne, drop us a call (03) 9702 3313 on or mail us at