Exclusive Marble Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

Marble, a metamorphic rock material, is obtained as a result of high pressure and heat application to its sedimentary form of dolomite. This material thus crystallises and marble evolves. IB Granite is a team of expert stone and stonemasonry professionals who have been in the industry for over many years now, and have developed a comprehensive idea to design, produce, and install kitchen and bathroom vanity marble benchtops to ensure that these units are strong and durable for longer periods of time. IB Granite is the most trusted name for stone benchtops, natural stone benchtops, granite benchtops, as well as white granite countertops, in and around the suburb of Melbourne. Our benchtops are in massive demand due its look and amenities. Our igneous stone benchtops in marble and granite are of high-quality and are made available to our clientele in Melbourne in a wide range of colors. As marble is heat-resistant, our marble benchtops are the best option even in fireplace surroundings. Also, since marble is a porous material, our bathroom vanity benchtops are highly durable. With all these advantages and benefits, IB Granite offers the best and finest options in providing high-quality stone benchtops across the suburb of Melbourne.

Granite & Marble Benchtops Melbourne

Strong And Durable Stone Benchtops For Sale In Melbourne

At IB Granite, along with providing kitchen and bathroom vanity benchtop units, we also design, produce and install polymer resin benchtops and composite stone benchtops that are not only affordable but also stylish and useful at the same time.

As composite stone benchtops are a man-made material that involves glass or shells and resin or silicone bonding agents, IB Granite designs and installs benchtops out of composite material, which is also known by the names engineered stone benchtops, reconstituted stone benchtops or even as quartz benchtops. IB Granite focuses on the utility and style factors for our various clients based across Melbourne, and advice them on the best-suited material and design of stone benchtops that they would require in their bathrooms. Since stone benchtops offer a high level of freedom in terms of their look and style, these benchtops can be made to look luxurious, as well as provide a feel of a much more expensive natural stone alternative. These are also significantly less porous than the materials granite, marble, and a multitude of other types of natural stone benchtops, and hence, these benchtops require less maintenance and are very hygienic.

At IB Granite, our expert stone masonry professionals guarantee consistency and repeatability as far as color and style are concerned. For the finest and most affordable high-quality natural stone benchtops in Melbourne, drop us a call on 0412 222 756 or mail us at info@ibgranite.com.au, and we are at your service.